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Check out www.legarzavirtual.com for more information

100% of the money spent will go directly to our staff!

How Does it Work? 

Experienced staff with PE, Coaching, Camp, Athletic, and Education backgrounds​

Interactive - your kids get real-time feedback and encouragement to help them improve or simply stay engaged

Options to fit your budget -- individual, family, group packages available

Customizable programs -- we can tailor our programs to your specific interests. Basketball, soccer, golf, frisbee, music ... if you can dream it, it is likely one of our staff members can deliver! 

Familiar faces -- in an uncertain time, seeing a friendly and excited former coach is a great way to help kids feel at ease and have fun!

You're keeping our staff employed! We are hopeful to be able to keep our team paid and working throughout the duration of this unprecedented pandemic. 

  1. Register online for virtual training or virtual camp or email us for additional information.

  2. Once registered, you will be sent a link to join a video conference

  3. Join us at your scheduled time for your interactive virtual program! 

Why Choose Legarza? 

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