Legarza "Live" / Virtual PE Classes

If you attend one of Legarza's PE Partner Schools, your child is able to attend our 2x daily PE classes for free. The classes are taught "live" by our PE instructors and allow your students to socialize with other students, while also moving, getting active, and having fun!Reach out to your administrators if you have not received that instruction.

We have provided some additional resources for you below!


PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media provides a platform where students / families can filter for physical activity by grade, type, and relevance. They also include several videos of guided exercise. Click here to access. 



GoNoodle provides a platform that enables students to engage in "movement and mindfulness videos" (www.gonoodle.com). With fun dances and catchy songs, GoNoodle has hundreds of videos that inspire students to get up and move wherever they are. Explore their website (click here) to learn more about their program and their free app, or explore their Youtube channel (click here) to access their videos! 


Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a website and a Youtube channel that provides engaging children's yoga instruction. Explore their website (click here) to learn more about their program, or explore their YouTube channel (click here) to access their videos! 

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20 Online Kids Fitness

20 Online is an online platform that guides guests through 20-min workouts. While their platform caters to all ages, the 20 Online Kids Workout Youtube Channel is probably the best bet for your student. Explore their website (click here) to learn more about their program, or explore their YouTube channel (click here) to access their kids workout videos! 


Move to Learn MS

Move to Learn Middle School is an online platform that enables middle school students to get up and dance anywhere. The videos feature middle schoolers and age-appropriate music that caters to that demographic. Explore their YouTube Channel (click here) to access their videos! 


Pinterest Home and Family Exercises

Pinterest has an abundance of fitness challenges for your student to participate in, including those that engage the entire family. SCSD's very own PE expert, Ms. Cindy, has shared her PE Pinterest Board (click here); it's truly, a one-stop shop for PE ideas, activities, and fun! Beyond Ms. Cindy's Board, we'd recommend taking a look at this page (click here), and seeing where your Pinterest fitness exploration takes you and your student!